Sweden transports map

Map of Sweden transports. Sweden transports map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Sweden transports map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. The public transport system in Sweden is well organised and easily accessible. Although some services can be expensive, it pays to book online in advance and to look into the possible discounts on offer, especially for ISIC (International Student Identification Card) holders. Swedes uses their public transportation frequently. There are various types of coupons according to each city bus, metro or tram system as its shown in Sweden transports map. These are usually bought in kiosks or information centers. The metro system in Stockholm is called the Tunnelbana (T-Bana). There are seven lines which are divided into three colours (green, red and blue). The 100 stations which make up the Stockholm metro map are divided into three zones.

Map of Sweden transports

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The importance of the transport system is reflected in the National Transport Plan, in which investment in the whole transport system for 2018-2029 is planned to increase by 20% compared to the previous planning period 2014-2025 (from SEK 515 billion or EUR 54.4 billion to SEK 622.5 billion or EUR 65.8 billion)7 as its mentioned in Sweden transports map. According to the International Transport Forum, Sweden spent the equivalent of EUR 3.051 billion on inland transport infrastructure in 2014, an investment which represents 0.7% of the country Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Swedish transport infrastructure is rated slightly above the EU average for roads, ports and airports and slightly below the EU average for railroad infrastructure.