Sweden roads map

Road map Sweden. Sweden roads map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Sweden roads map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. Sweden railroads have 12,821 kilometers (7,967 miles) of track, about a third of them privately owned as its shown in Sweden roads map. A rapid railroad link connects Stockholm main airport, Arlanda, with the city center, and there is a 16-kilometer (10-mile) long bridge and tunnel across the strait of Ôresund from Malmö in Sweden to Denmark capital, Copenhagen, opened in 2000. There are 163,453 kilometers (101,570 miles) of paved highways, including 1,439 kilometers (894 miles) of expressways.
As of 2002, the total length of highways was 213,237 km (132,633 mi), of which about 167,604 km (104,250 mi) were paved, including 1,514 km (942 mi) of expressways as its mentioned in Sweden roads map. As of 2003, there were 4,078,000 passenger cars and 435,561 commercial vehicles. In 1967, Sweden changed from left-to right-hand traffic. As of 2004, Sweden 11,481 km (7,141 mi) railroad system was operated by the state-owned Statens Järnvagar. Of that total, 9,400 km (5,847 mi) of the track was electrified. All tracks are standard gauge. In 2018, road transport infrastructure investments in Sweden exceeded 2.5 billion euros, the highest amount of investments made between 2004 and 2018. The 2018 figure compares to just under 1.3 billion euros in 2005.