Skane Sweden map

Map of Skane Sweden. Skane Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Skane Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. Skåne County (Skåne län), also known as Scania County in English, is the southernmost administrative county or län, of Sweden, basically corresponding to the traditional province Scania (which in Swedish is called Skåne). It borders the counties of Halland, Kronoberg and Blekinge as its shown in Skane Sweden map. The seat of residence for the Skåne Governor is the town of Malmö. The headquarters of Region Skåne is the town of Kristianstad. The present county was created in 1997 when Kristianstad County and Malmöhus County were merged, and it covers around 3% of Sweden total area, but its population of 1,250,000 comprises 13% of Sweden total population.
When the new county was established in 1997, it was decided to name it after the historical province Scania, or Skåne, as it is called in Swedish, so it was given the name Skåne län. The most common name used in English is Skåne County, even if the form Scania County is not uncommon. It can not be considered wrong to use either form in English. Skåne County is the administrative equivalent of the province of Scania, but it also includes an insignificant part of the province of Halland. Skåne County as its mentioned in Skane Sweden map is subdivided into 33 municipalities (kommuner in Swedish), the largest being Malmö Municipality (301,000 inhabitants), Helsingborg Municipality (130,000), Lund Municipality (111,000 inhabitants) and Kristianstad Municipality (80,000 inhabitants).