Oskarshamn Sweden map

Map of Oskarshamn Sweden. Oskarshamn Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Oskarshamn Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. Oskarshamn is a busy but otherwise unremarkable port city. The main reason people come here is to leave here – taking the regular car ferries to Gotland and Öland or seasonal cruises to the mythical, mystical, off-the-beaten-track island of Blå Jungfrun as its shown in Oskarshamn Sweden map. Beautifully situated on the Swedish east coast, Oskarshamn is a town proud of its harbour. Central Oskarshamn boasts stunning little wooden houses and more flashy brick buildings from the 19th century, and you are never far from the sea in this town. Visit Oskarshamn and enjoy the gorgeous summer here and the scenic surroundings. Many Swedes know Oskarshamn as the harbour from which you get the ferry to the island of Gotland, but Oskarhamn has plenty to offer as a weekend destination of its own.

Map of Oskarshamn Sweden

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The town is not as pretty as its neighbour Västervik, but it is a good starting point for ferries to Gotland (and Öland). Nestling at the bottom of a narrow bay in the Kalmar Strait, between the main road E22 and a coastline devoid of any relief, Oskarshamn, with its 26,000 inhabitants, is a port and industrial city. Saab Scania builds trucks here, the shipyards build luxury yachts and the port exports timber from Småland forests as its mentioned in Oskarshamn Sweden map. All this contributes to create a certain animation in the summer in the small cobbled streets, going up from the port to the city centre and its Grand-Place. You can see the sea in the distance below. Five minutes from the main square, the Navy and Döderhultan museums, located in the municipal library building, are worth a visit (Döderhultan, who died in 1925, was a woodcarver whose 20 cm high figures depict scenes from peasant life). Oskarshamn offers two beautiful beaches, each about 1 km from the centre. To the north is the sandy beach and camping Havsslätt, and to the south is Gunnarsö beach and its campsite on a rockier coast.