Oland Sweden map

Map of Oland Sweden. Oland Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Oland Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. Öland, island and landskap (province) in the Baltic Sea, län (county) of Kalmar, Sweden. It is connected to Kalmar on the Swedish mainland by a road bridge across Kalmar Sound. It is the largest Swedish island after Gotland as its shown in Oland Sweden map. Administratively, Öland, together with the surrounding islets, forms the smallest of Sweden traditional provinces. Its periphery of limestone and sand ridges encloses an almost barren tract of land. There are a few small streams and one lake, Hornsjön. On the narrow, alluvial coastland, sugar beets, rye, and potatoes are grown, and there is some cattle raising. Local industries include quarrying, cement making, and sugar refining.
The earliest recorded use of the name Öland can be found in Wulfstan of Hedeby travel accounts from the late 9th century. His history tells of Öland – called Eowland – which together with Blekinge, Möre and Gotland belonged to the Sweons, or “svearna”. Beginning in 775, Öland frequently played a role in Scandinavian history, especially as a battleground in the wars between Denmark and Sweden as its mentioned in Oland Sweden map. The island only large town, Borgholm, contains the ruins of one of the finest castles and strongest fortresses in Sweden, dating from the 13th century or before.