Swedish canals map

Map of Swedish canals. Swedish canals map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Swedish canals map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. Göta Canal, Swedish Göta Kanal, artificial waterway that crosses southern Sweden to connect Lake Vänern with the Baltic Sea. For most of its course, the canal passes through lakes, providing inland navigation from Gothenburg to Stockholm, a distance of 558 km (347 miles) by the canal route and 950 km (590 miles) on the Baltic as its shown in Swedish canals map. Trollhätte Canal, waterway in Sweden, first begun in 1718 and finally opened in 1800, that is now part of the Göta Canal. Trollhättan is the most beautiful destination is without a doubt the imposing falls and the impressive locks - a magnificent area that has been attracting to locals and tourists for centuries.

Map of Swedish canals

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Kinda Canal stretches through both Kinda municipality and Linköping municipality. Thanks to its lake system you can come on a close to nature adventure that suits the whole family. Södertalje Canal connects the Baltic Sea with Lake Mälaren. The canal has a length of 3.3 nautical miles and you have to pass one lock to make the lift of 60 cm to the level of the lake. The lock is 135 m in length, 19.6 m wide and 7.8 m deep as its mentioned in Swedish canals map. The Säffle Canal, also known as the Viking Trail, has been in use since ancient times, and the many ancient monuments and burial mounds that can be seen in the region testify to the importance of this route to the Vikings. A tour on the Dalsland canal takes you to the heart of the most lake-rich landscape in Sweden. The canal has over the years transformed from a transport route to a much visited tourist attraction.