Sweden mountains map

Mountains in Sweden map. Sweden mountains map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Sweden mountains map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. There are 87 Major Mountains in Sweden, that is, mountains with at least 600 meter of prominence (having a primary factor of at least 600 meter.) as its shown in Sweden mountains map. (There may be as many as 89 or as few as 86, see peaks marked with pm = "possible major" near the cutoff.) Taken together with the 570 Major Mountains of Norway, this makes a grand total of 652 Major Mountains in Scandinavia. This number could be as low as 644 and as high as 679. (We count 5 peaks as shared between Norway and Sweden.). For completeness, this list contains the 100 most prominent mountains in Sweden and a few more in order to list all mountains having a prominence of at least 500 meter.

Mountains in Sweden map

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The country is traditionally divided into three regions: to the north is Norrland, the vast mountain and forest region; in central Sweden is Svealand, an expanse of lowland in the east and highland in the west; and in the south is Götaland, which includes the Småland highlands and, at the southern extremity, the small but rich plains of Skåne as its mentioned in Sweden mountains map. Norrland is the largest and most sparsely populated of the regions, covering some three-fifths of the country. The region features an undulating surface of rounded hills and mountains, large lakes, and extensive river valleys. To the west lie the Kölen (Kjølen; Scandinavian) Mountains, through which runs the border demarcating Sweden and Norway. This range is characterized by numerous glaciers, the southernmost of which is on Helags Mountain (Helagsfjället), near the Norwegian border.