Sundsvall Sweden map

Map of Sundsvall Sweden. Sundsvall Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Sundsvall Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. Sundsvall is one of Sweden most fascinating cities, offering not only a cool urban setting but also unique natural landscapes. Sundsvall is home to the ancient monument Högom, one of the largest burial mounds in northern Sweden as its shown in Sundsvall Sweden map. At the turn of the last century, the volcanic island of Alnön, just outside Sundsvall, had 19 sawmills, all in use simultaneously. Sundsvall has burnt down four times over the centuries. It was therefore rebuilt in stone in 1888, giving it the nickname Stone City. Sundsvall – located in the Medelpad province of Sweden northeast coast – has everything you could wish for, whether you are an urban type or more of a nature lover. According to some historians, Sundsvall brought industrialisation to Sweden in 1849.

Map of Sundsvall Sweden

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The Sundsvall area must-see sites can be enjoyed year-round. Take it all in while hiking, cycling, jogging or - for the slightly more adventurous - whilst enjoying a canoe ride along the many waterways surrounding the city as its mentioned in Sundsvall Sweden map. In wintertime, you can whizz down the snowy slopes of the various ski stations located less than 15 minutes’ drive outside the city centre. A town with an eventful past, Sundsvall has been destroyed by fire four times. Following a particularly devastating fire in 1888 – the worst in Swedish history – the city was rebuilt entirely in stone, giving it the nickname Stenstaden (Stone City).