Motala Sweden map

Map of Motala Sweden. Motala Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to print. Motala Sweden map (Northern Europe - Europe) to download. The city of Motala is the third largest city in the county of Östergötland and is the urban centre in the municipality of Motala. Motala is known as the city by the lakes and is situated in the western part of the region by Sweden second largest lake Vättern. Archaeological excavations have shown that people have lived in Motala for over 11,000 years as its shown in Motala Sweden map. Today a total of approximately 42,000 people live in the municipality of Motala, whereof 30,000 live in the city of Motala. The municipality of Motala covers 1,284 sq km of which 983 sq km is land.
Motala is no exception and the city offers a relaxed atmosphere for most of its visitors. With its around 30.000 inhabitants it is the third largest town in the province of Östergötland and the second largest locality along the shores of lake Vättern as its mentioned in Motala Sweden map. Jönköping is the biggest town at Vättern. The history that is present in Motala is one that bears witness to a time created and characterized by industrialization. The town is the main town along Göta Kanal, the canal connecting the Swedish coasts from east to west. From the 13th to the 18th century the area around Motala evolved into a meeting point in central Sweden. The town was well placed along the shores of lake Vättern and the stream Motala Ström.